Toning Tables

How The Machines Work

Double positive action creates alternating contractions of opposing muscle groups.

This loading of alternating contraction and relaxation of opposing muscle groups saves time because effectively the one single power assisted machine is doing the job of two conventional exercise machines.

When exercising with conventional Isotonic equipment only one muscle group is worked, the opposing muscle groups operate only in the relaxation or stretch mode, so usually two separate pieces of conventional equipment are needed to achieve the same result.

The Power Assisted double positive action can decrease workout time by up to 50% because both opposing muscles groups are being exercised during each full repetition, producing results in half the normal workout time.

Add the benefit of the same effect happening with both upper and lower body simultaneously and it is easy to see why Power Assisted Exercise helps clients to achieve amazing results fast.

Flys and Thighs

Firms inner and outer thighs, helps to develop, improve and shape the chest and shoulder areas. Increases mobility in the hip and shoulder joints. Upper body performs a flat flying exercise targeting the pectorals, (chest muscles) and a rowing type exercise for the shoulder muscles, especially targeting the posterior deltoid. Simultaneously legs are performing exercises for both abductor and adductors, trimming hips and thighs.

Tummy Crunch

Another multifunctional machine working the abdominal, (tummy), and lower back whilst mobilising both hip and knee joint and buttocks.
Rectus Abdominus (most superficial abdominal muscle) contracts during the sit up motion and the knees to chest action adds extra workload to the lower end of the muscle, firming and flattening this sometimes problematic area.

Posture Pullover

This exercise combination is excellent for improving posture as the chest, shoulders and upper back are exercised, simultaneously expanding and stretching the rib cage. The triceps (upper arms) and waist line also benefit from the exercise.

Waist Away

A superb exercise for working primarily the oblique muscles. Creating a narrow waist line plus firming and flattening of the abdominal wall. The internal and external obliques are two diagonal muscles which lie underneath the rectus abdominus. These muscles are responsible for twisting actions. The erector spinae muscles are also involved so strengthening the lower back. This unique exercise combination will provide double fast results creating a slim waist and firm flat abdominals.


This is a great exercise for the hips and buttocks facilitating the movement known as Swim Kicks. The exerciser is gently put through alternate prone hip extensions, this will also provide a gentle lower back exercise. Perform this exercise whilst squeezing buttocks together, lie on stomach and support head on crossed arm.

Bum and Tums

The unique movement of this machine helps to strengthen and tone the stomach and hips whilst working to firm and lift the buttocks, simultaneously a gentle massaging action works on the upper back, buttocks and feet. A great way to end the workout releasing muscle tension and relieving stress. The centre vibrations also improve peripheral blood circulation.