Sun Shower

Tan Up with the Garda Sun Power Tower

Helionova has been supplying high -Quality UV tanning equipment across the UK for over 35 years

Our spacious upright sun shower with a built in air conditioning system. A seamless tan can be achieved all over your body with ample room to feel free and relaxed.

You can also purchase tan accelerator that makes your tan develop much faster and last longer. Excellent for first-time users or people who do not like bronzer. Bronzers give your skin an attractive golden shade when you step outside of the tanning device.

For users with a base colour or who are regular tanners

Tingles warm up on the skin and cause a tingle, making the tan even darker.

It is essential that goggles are worn at all times during a session, failure to do so can result in eye condition such as Cataracts resulting in long term damage.

Each client should purchase their own goggles for hygiene reasons and to prevent eye infections spreading.

Sun Shower Prices