Body Action

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Over 85% of the population do not want to join a gym (and we know why!) – but do want to improve their fitness level.

Shapemaster’s Exercise program provides a better alternative for anyone wanting to exercise and improve their health and quality of life.

Vibration training on the body action is a non-strenuous, low impact method of exercise that takes only 10 minutes, yet achieves great results compared to conventional training without the effort.

Vibration training is the perfect tool for people who want more from their work outs-from the professional athletes to those with physical limitations.

The Body Action platform vibrates around a horizontal rotation axis. Exercise is usually performed with both legs the feet positioned equal distance on either side of the axis. This results in Extendo and flexor contraction alternating consistently in the right and left leg.

There is no direct vertical acceleration to the body centre of gravity which reduces passive forces to the joints, but elicits stretch flexes to stabilise the bodies posture. As the muscles are stimulated via a Stretch Reflex, 100% of the muscle fibres are stimulated compare to an active contraction where not every muscle fibre is used.

Due to the advance design of the body action perform ,stress is minimised on the musculature as well as on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Body Action workouts offer the following benefits in a 10 minute workout without placing high loads on the tendons and joints:

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